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    • 14.12.2020

      New import rules

      Likewise, the implementation of the planned targets allows the implementation of important tasks for the development of systems of mass participation. Likewise, consultation with a broad asset requires the identification and clarification of further directions of development.

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    • 09.12.2020

      Caution COVID-19

      The disease, which does not spare either adults or children, burst into the life of Ukrainians unexpectedly. The first months of the year it seemed that the coronavirus was far away and would not touch us. But no - we also became hostages of the global pandemic and self-isolation as the highest level of responsibility. Covid-19 has affected not only ordinary Ukrainians, but also entrepreneurs. Logistics companies are no exception, but at the same time, it is our business that today has so many responsible tasks.

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    • 08.12.2020

      New Year in AF-GROUP

      Start. Under the active calls of the presenter and the sounds of music, everyone quietly began to gather, tune in to rest and taste! Every half hour there were more and more guests, and the mood was getting better! The culmination Ceremony of awarding our partners and employees. The final! And in the finale, of course, tangerines and fireworks!

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