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    Groupage cargo

    Delivery of groupage cargo
    The delivery of groupage cargo means the consolidation of small-sized consignments from several shippers in one direction and in one vehicle.

    If you need to deliver a large volume of cargo for these purposes, a different type of transport can be used: rail, water, road and air. The advantage of the service is that there is no need for a whole container or truck, you pay exclusively for the place that your cargo takes. Shipping costs are distributed among customers depending on the weight and volume of the goods. Transportation is carried out through a number of consolidated warehouses.

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    Service benefits

    Transportation of groupage cargo is popular due to the following points:

    1. small consignments of goods can be transported
    2. comparatively low costs
    3. access to different parts of the world.

    If you need to send a small cargo that does not take up much space or small-sized goods, then the transportation of groupage cargo will be an ideal option. This service is much more profitable in price and retains all the advantages of a full-fledged cargo transportation. Making it out in the transport company “AF-Group”, you will save on freight and get all its advantages – a guarantee of safety, insurance.
    Groupage cargo transportation is the transportation of goods from different customers on one vehicle in one direction. As a rule, freight vehicles are used for these purposes.

    Despite the consolidation of goods, the company delivers goods according to the following schemes:

    1. door to door
    2. door to warehouse
    3. from warehouse to warehouse
    4. from warehouse to door.

    All this is possible thanks to the developed logistics system in the company. In addition, the company undertakes to prepare all the documents that are required for the carriage of consignments.

    Delivery methods

    Small-sized cargo can be transported using various types of transport:

    1. By sea, transportation is carried out as part of a container. Goods are shipped with other shippers.
    2. Automobile transport from Europe to Ukraine. This is a delivery method in which a truck is partially loaded by several shippers.
    3. Railway transport.
    4. Air transport.

    Classification of groupage cargo

    Groupage cargo includes any range of products: special equipment, gross and agricultural products, household goods and spare parts, household items, clothing. With the AF-Group company you have the opportunity to send piece goods or cargo of a relatively small weight, for example, 1 kilogram.

    Based on the international classification, groupage cargo is subdivided, based on the type of delivery, into:

    1. universal, which can be transported in onboard vehicles
    2. bulk, which allow loading and unloading in bulk
    3. special, which require special measures of safety and security.

    Based on the classification, their transportation requires different conditions and, accordingly, vehicles. In addition, groupage cargoes differ in weight: goods up to 80 kg are considered light, up to 500 kg as usual, over 500 kg as heavy. These factors directly affect loading, unloading, storage and transportation. At the same time, the company takes into account the urgency of delivery, compliance with the required temperature during transportation.

    During the collection of goods, a volumetric cargo unit is formed by:

    1. fastening parts into one system
    2. palletizing (placing cargo on pallets)
    3. containerization (small goods are placed in one container).

    The last two methods are used most often.

    Features of transportation of groupage cargo

    Groupage cargo transportation requires a structured, coordinated and planned work of all departments from the company. AF-Group competes among the transport companies of Ukraine and occupies a leading position. The company promptly carries out cargo transportation both on an ongoing basis and one-time deliveries thanks to well-functioning logistics.

    How groupage cargo is transported

    The first stage is the collection of orders from different customers, the second is the formation of shipments for joint transportation. On the third, the goods are packaged and marked. Then, the employees of the logistics department carefully work out the route of the vehicle along which the cargo will be transported. At the same time, all the necessary accompanying documents are prepared and the direct transportation of groupage cargo is carried out, which are delivered to the recipient’s warehouse or to the specified address.

    It is important to note that the AF-Group company scrupulously approaches the formation of road transportation, since for some types of cargo during transportation, special conditions are required. The employees of the company responsibly coordinate the neighborhood of various goods in order to ensure quality conditions upon delivery.

    International delivery of groupage cargo

    International transportation of groupage shipments is carried out according to the following principle. When exporting goods, all cargoes from different consignors are assembled in the company’s warehouse. When the required volume is collected, they are sent to the addressees on the company’s heavy-duty trucks or, if the volume is small, by passing cargo. In the country of arrival, the goods are dispatched to a central warehouse, and then they are transported to the specified address of the recipient. Goods are imported in the opposite order. It turns out that you do not need to pay in full for the car or railway carriage, which is economically beneficial. You ship goods to any country and do not pay extra for it.

    Road transportation is carried out much faster in terms of time when compared to mailing. And if we take into account the fact that the AF-Group company sends goods every day, then there is no need to dream about the speed of delivery at a low cost. The company has a wide geography of delivery. The most popular is the European direction: the countries of the EU, the CIS and the Baltic Sea, China, Vietnam. However, the company transports consignments anywhere in the world, not limited to a specific route. To clarify all the details, you need to call the operator of the company, who will answer all your questions, including the calculation of the cost and other subtleties.

    The transportation of groupage shipments is in demand not only among small entrepreneurs, but also among individuals, medium-sized businesses, and sometimes also among large industries. For middle-level businessmen, this is the only way to save on logistics, but at the same time deliveries are carried out on time and without violations of the transportation regime. Delivery from China is considered especially in demand, since entrepreneurs are constantly actively purchasing products. Postage from China is expensive, and it takes a long time to reach the addressee, and groupage cargo, issued by AF-Group, allows you to save your budget and are delivered much faster.

    Groupage cargo to European countries and Ukraine

    The lifting of restrictions on a number of tax collections after the signing of an international agreement between the Ukrainian side and the European Union led to an active trade turnover and the opening of new trading floors. In the turnover of goods, not only large corporations participate, which form bulk consignments of products and independently transport them, but also medium and small entrepreneurs. It is for them that the AF-Group transport company offers an economically viable option for the transportation of shipments from European countries.

    Each client of the company saves capital by not renting a separate vehicle for the delivery of small-sized cargo. AF-Group will place the shipment in a consolidated batch, which are completed with goods from different customers. Groupage cargo Ukraine-Europe is assembled so that the items transported together could be in the same vehicle on the basis of the transportation and storage regulations. The client pays only for the place occupied by the cargo, which reduces transportation costs to a minimum.

    International groupage transportation

    AF-Group has its own warehouses in the EU and carries out full control over the assembly, transportation, loading, packaging, customs declaration for groupage cargo. Thanks to cooperation with numerous customers, international groupage transportation is carried out by the company on an ongoing basis. This gives customers the opportunity to plan their business, knowing what time the goods will arrive. The company delivers to the warehouse, but also to the specified address. Having its own fleet or renting a freight transport enables the company not only to engage in the transportation of groupage cargo, but also to deliver items to cities and retail chains.

    Transportation of groupage cargo from European countries

    Today, a profitable business is the purchase of small consignments of goods, which are then sold at retail. High-quality and affordable European products are an excellent alternative to domestic goods, but purchasing them at retail prices is unprofitable. Even a small wholesale lot can bring pretty good profits for small and medium businesses. Therefore, for the transportation of small consignments it is not profitable to hire a separate vehicle, but it is better to use the transportation of groupage cargo from Europe. Delivery from Ukraine to Europe and vice versa is what AF-Group specializes in.

    Transportation of groupage cargo from Europe is carried out in various ways. Air transportation is in demand for the transportation of perishable goods, since the delivery time is minimal. Trucking is the most cost effective. Sea transportation is a low-cost long-distance delivery method.

    The cost of transportation of groupage cargo

    The following factors affect the price of transportation:

    1. batch weight
    2. its volume
    3. compatibility of various goods.

    For example, a fragile and non-standard cargo does not make it possible to fill the entire body, so its transportation will cost more. And the transportation of goods of standard sizes, which can be assembled, will be cheaper.

    Advantages of groupage cargo transportation

    The AF-Group company guarantees that the cargo will definitely reach the addressee within the specified time and in the appropriate quality. By using the groupage cargo transportation service, you will save not only your time, but also money. You do not need to waste time visiting the post office or worry about the integrity of the shipment.

    The company has created all the conditions for beneficial cooperation:

    1. door-to-door service, with which there is no need to go somewhere
    2. customer service includes: notification of the arrival of goods, tracking by track number, strict control of delivery times
    3. cargo insurance – you don’t have to worry that you will waste money in case of force majeure
    4. wide geography of transportation, delivery is carried out anywhere in the world
    5. any shipment is accompanied by the necessary documentation, including a customs declaration
    6. loyal cost of transportation due to favorable tariffs and cargo consolidation
    7. preferential conditions apply for regular senders
    8. respect for goods, so you can safely send expensive goods.

    The AF-Group company is an easy solution to difficult issues related to the transportation of goods. The company provides a full range of services, from the delivery of the vehicle to the place of shipment, loading operations, to transportation to the door and warehouse. The price of transportation depends on the chosen route and the package of additional work. In addition, the company is also engaged in customs clearance of goods. The nuances of the procedure directly depend on the draft laws of the states through which the delivery is carried out. The experience of the company’s employees allows us to minimize the possibility of error. Therefore, it is better to entrust the passage of this procedure to an employee of “AF-Group”.

    The company’s vehicle fleet has vehicles of various carrying capacity, so you can send goods of any volume, size and direction. In addition, the client of the company can arrange regular delivery of goods for himself, depending on the pace of sale of goods or the timing of production. In this case, the customer pays only for the weight and volume of the cargo. The demand for this type of transportation is growing daily, since the service provides an opportunity to send cargo from one point of the country to another, while you do not need to hire a separate mode of transport and create a routing scheme. Freight transportation as part of groupage cargo has many undeniable advantages for shippers of small consignments of goods, among which the main ones are economy and convenience. But it is important to know that when choosing a forwarder, preference should be given to proven transport companies with extensive experience in the market, which is “AF-Group”.

    How does AF-Group work?

    Cooperation with the company is as follows:

    1. The client’s request is being processed. The necessary information and information about the cargo is collected. It is important to evaluate the class, weight, volume of goods, code and availability of documents. At this stage, the date of the readiness of the cargo for shipment and the delivery time are set. The logistics are developed, the list of necessary services is determined and the final cost is calculated.
    2. Consolidation. This procedure means the transportation of goods from the consignor’s warehouse to the consolidation warehouse for picking the batch. Cargo handling in a consolidated warehouse, which may include additional packaging, selection of containers, etc.
    3. Customs clearance. If necessary, our agents in the country of the sender will prepare the necessary documents and arrange the goods for departure.
    4. Delivery is carried out, for which the optimal mode of transport is selected. For this purpose, product information is analyzed and the best option for transportation is determined. Employees of the company are engaged in the registration of goods at the Ukrainian customs and organize transportation to your warehouse.
    5. Delivery of cargo to the door of the consignee.

    Turning to the AF-Group company, you receive a quality service that organizes the delivery of any volume of cargo from all over the world.

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    Delivery of groupage cargo

    Since the founding of AF-Group in 2016, we have grown into a holding with offices in 4 cities of Ukraine, as well as entered new niches in the market for us. We provide quality service to every client.

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    We have been cooperating with them for a long time. I am very grateful to AF for their professionalism and reliability.
    We have been entrusting our cargo to them for several years now
    If you value accuracy and punctuality, then I recommend this company, you will definitely appreciate the professionalism of the employees and the quality of their work.
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