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    Groupage cargo

    Delivery of groupage cargo
    The delivery of groupage cargo means the consolidation of small-sized consignments from several shippers in one direction and in one vehicle.

    If you need to deliver a large volume of cargo for these purposes, a different type of transport can be used: rail, water, road and air. The advantage of the service is that there is no need for a whole container or truck, you pay exclusively for the place that your cargo takes. Shipping costs are distributed among customers depending on the weight and volume of the goods. Transportation is carried out through a number of consolidated warehouses.

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    Service benefits

    Transportation of groupage cargo is popular due to the following points:

    1. small consignments of goods can be transported
    2. comparatively low costs
    3. access to different parts of the world.

    Delivery methods

    Small-sized cargo can be transported using various types of transport:

    1. By sea, transportation is carried out as part of a container. Goods are shipped with other shippers.
    2. Automobile transport from Europe to Ukraine. This is a delivery method in which a truck is partially loaded by several shippers.
    3. Railway transport.
    4. Air transport.

    How does AF-Group work?

    Cooperation with the company is as follows:

    1. The client’s request is being processed. The necessary information and information about the cargo is collected. It is important to evaluate the class, weight, volume of goods, code and availability of documents. At this stage, the date of the readiness of the cargo for shipment and the delivery time are set. The logistics are developed, the list of necessary services is determined and the final cost is calculated.
    2. Consolidation. This procedure means the transportation of goods from the consignor’s warehouse to the consolidation warehouse for picking the batch. Cargo handling in a consolidated warehouse, which may include additional packaging, selection of containers, etc.
    3. Customs clearance. If necessary, our agents in the country of the sender will prepare the necessary documents and arrange the goods for departure.
    4. Delivery is carried out, for which the optimal mode of transport is selected. For this purpose, product information is analyzed and the best option for transportation is determined. Employees of the company are engaged in the registration of goods at the Ukrainian customs and organize transportation to your warehouse.
    5. Delivery of cargo to the door of the consignee.

    Turning to the AF-Group company, you receive a quality service that organizes the delivery of any volume of cargo from all over the world.

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