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    Container shipping

    Sea container transportation
    Group is engaged in international sea container transportation of goods. Different transport options with full safety are used.

    Sea freight is considered an economical way, especially when it comes to long distances. This option is relevant for delivery from any country with a sea message. Especially the United States, Asia, Europe and Africa.

    Seagoing vessels are actively used when land transport is not possible. To bring cargo from another country to Ukraine, you need various customs and legal documents, which are processed by AF-Group employees.

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    Stages of transportationStages of transportation

    After the cost of container transportation by sea is calculated and agreed, the organizational points follow.

    The transportation process takes place in several stages:

    1. Placing a mandatory document (booking) in the line.
    2. Preparation of documentation by the sender.
    3. Registration of bills of lading.
    4. Loading of cargo in containers and their sending.
    5. Payment of fees at the port, if they were not included in the total cost of transportation.
    6. Arrival of the vessel in the port, forwarding and registration of containers in the port and its registration in the port.
    7. Delivery of the container by road to the address of the recipient. Unloading the container.
    8. Delivery of an empty container to the port.

    Required documentation for import:

    1. Invoice
    2. Original bill of lading or telex release or SWB
    3. Packing list And if necessary a certificate of origin (optional)
    4. Power of attorney

    Required documentation for export:

    • Bill of lading
    • Invoice
    • VGM (gross / net weight instructions)
    • Certificates for cargo

    AF-Group employees will help with paperwork and transportation of goods.

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