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    Container shipping

    Container shipping is considered an economical way, especially when it comes to long distances.
    Group is engaged in international sea container transportation of goods. Different transport options with full safety are used.

    Sea freight is considered an economical way, especially when it comes to long distances. This option is relevant for delivery from any country with a sea message. Especially the United States, Asia, Europe and Africa.

    Seagoing vessels are actively used when land transport is not possible. To bring cargo from another country to Ukraine, you need various customs and legal documents, which are processed by AF-Group employees.

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    Stages of transportationStages of transportation

    After the cost of container transportation by sea is calculated and agreed, the organizational points follow. AF-Group employees will help with paperwork and transportation of goods.

    The transportation process takes place in several stages:

    1. Placing a mandatory document (booking) in the line.
    2. Preparation of documentation by the sender.
    3. Registration of bills of lading.
    4. Loading of cargo in containers and their sending.
    5. Payment of fees at the port, if they were not included in the total cost of transportation.
    6. Arrival of the vessel in the port, forwarding and registration of containers in the port and its registration in the port.
    7. Delivery of the container by road to the address of the recipient. Unloading the container.
    8. Delivery of an empty container to the port.

    Required documentation for import:

    1. Invoice
    2. Original bill of lading or telex release or SWB
    3. Packing list And if necessary a certificate of origin (optional)
    4. Power of attorney

    Required documentation for export:

    1. Bill of lading
    2. Invoice
    3. VGM (gross / net weight instructions)
    4. Certificates for cargo.

    Container shipping is one of the most profitable transportation methods. They are suitable for both large corporations and small companies when it is necessary to transport cargo of different dimensions. Individuals and individual entrepreneurs often choose container transportation for the import and export of goods to Ukraine. However, this method of transportation has its own peculiarities, therefore it is recommended to consult with an AF-Group specialist before ordering.

    How is international sea transportation?

    Sea transportation of cargo in a container is a modern and popular way of transporting goods. With the help of standardized containers, loading is significantly accelerated. The peculiarity of sea transportation is that any delivery is considered international. For legal transportation, you need to collect a certain package of documents.

    Any container transportation to Ukraine is carried out as follows. The cargo is packed in a container, which is then sealed, documents necessary for transportation are collected. The prepared containers are delivered to the port by rail. There they are checked, and then they are loaded onto a ship following the desired route. When the ship arrives at its destination, the whole process is repeated, but in reverse order. The same delivery procedure applies to oversized cargo.

    Since sea transportation requires several stages of preparation, it is required to monitor the condition of the cargo all the way to the designated point. To avoid unnecessary difficulties, it is worth choosing a reliable transport company with a good reputation. In this case, you can be sure that the cargo will arrive safely and without problems with customs. In addition, reliable carriers always provide insurance.

    Advantages and disadvantages of shipping

    Sea transportation is in demand for the transportation of finished products. In just 20 years, the turnover of containers worldwide has increased 2.5 times, thanks to the development of the economy and the division of labor. Today, 12 million containers are in use. Sometimes there are situations in which there is an excess of containers. In this case, they are permanently or for a certain period withdrawn from circulation. At the same time, there may be a shortage of other types of containers used for sea or land transportation. Sea transportation of goods has a number of features. After reviewing them, it will be possible to decide whether this method of transportation is optimal for a particular company or is it worth considering other options.

    Benefits of sea shipping

    Container shipping by sea has many advantages:

    1. Safety of cargo. Sea transportation is highly secure. Although accidents cannot be completely ruled out, such accidents are far less common than with other modes of transportation. At the same time, the sea rolling does not cause the same damage to the cargo as sudden stops on the road or impacts.
    2. Price. Each ship carries from 1,000 to 21,000 standardized containers, which may be from different customers. Due to the high volume, it turns out to reduce the cost of transportation for each client. When calculating the cost of transporting each container, large deliveries will be much more profitable than small flights.
    3. Compliance with deadlines. Any delivery by sea takes place along the established route, so with this method of delivery, you can predict the exact time of arrival of the cargo. At sea, there are no difficulties inherent in overland travel: difficult roads, blocked routes, broken bridges or rails. Due to this, the accuracy of delivery times is achieved. Sometimes the ship is delayed due to a storm or malfunction, but this is the exception, not the rule. In addition, perishable products are not suitable for sea freight.
    4. Anywhere in the world. Container shipping to Ukraine has been in demand for a long time. They are used by many large corporations targeting foreign markets. The advantage of such transportation is that the cargo can then be sent anywhere in the world by land, air or sea.
    5. Infrastructure. The big advantage of container shipping is compatibility with other modes of transportation. Due to the developed infrastructure, it is possible to deliver the container to another point by land or air without unnecessary difficulties.
    6. Any contents of the container. The sea vessel, due to its large capacity, can carry cargo of any size and type. In this way, it is possible to transport bulk, liquid products, bulky goods, gaseous substances. In a number of situations, it is only possible to transport a specific cargo to Ukraine in a container by sea.

    Disadvantages of sea transportation

    Along with a large number of advantages, such transportation also has disadvantages:

    1. Complexity of preparation and transportation. Containers with cargo in transit change the means of transportation at least twice. Such a measure can cause a number of inconveniences. So that the process does not cause unnecessary difficulties, experienced logisticians are involved in organizing the transportation.
    2. Delivery speed. The container ship develops a high speed with cargo on board. In addition, the weather affects the time of transportation. Shipping by sea is not suitable for perishable goods or urgent delivery – it is better to choose air transportation for this.

    Despite all the advantages of sea transportation, this delivery method is not universal, which is why it cannot always be used. To learn more about the cost, delivery time and other features, consult with the specialists of AF-Group. You will receive the desired calculations and find out the best transportation methods for your situation. This method of transportation is suitable on an ongoing basis not only for large enterprises, but also for small and medium-sized businesses. In “AF-Group” you can find the optimal method of delivery of your cargo, and the company’s logisticians will take care of fast and safe transportation.

    Features of sea transportation of goods in containers

    The most common containers for sea transportation are 20 and 40 feet. The former make up about ¾ of the total volume of transportation by sea, and the latter about 1/5.

    Such containers are suitable for most cargo, however, depending on the situation, each of them has its own specifics of use:

    1. 20 ‘containers are suitable for small but heavy loads.
    2. 40-foot containers are used to move bulky goods with light weight.

    In the AF-Group company you can order cargo transportation in a specific container for special categories of goods:

    1. With maintenance of temperature. The required temperature is maintained inside the container throughout the entire journey. Suitable for products and other goods that require special conditions of detention.
    2. Tank containers. They are used for the transportation of liquids and gases. In such containers, special tanks are built, suitable for the transportation of liquid cargo.
    3. Flatrack. It is an open platform. This delivery method is suitable for oversized items.
    4. Open top. The container has no roof. Instead, the top is covered with an awning.

    Turning to AF-Group, each client will find a method of sea delivery suitable for their tasks. The company’s logisticians select the size and type of container based on the weight of the cargo, its dimensions and the characteristics of transportation, so that all products reach their destination intact. Tell the manager about the goods to start profitable and safe transportation to Ukraine.

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    Container shipping

    The AF-Group company is engaged in international sea container transportation of goods. Various transport options are used with complete security. Sea container shipping of cargo is considered an economical way, especially when it comes to long distances. This option is relevant when shipping from the USA or Asian countries. Marine vessels are actively used when the use of land transport is impossible.

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