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    Rail transportation

    Rail transportation
    The AF-Group transport company is engaged in international rail transportation from the USA to Asia and Europe through the territory of Ukraine.

    In the case of delivery from Asia, rail transportation is the best solution in terms of cost and time, because it is almost half the cost of shipping by sea and much cheaper than air transportation.

    The company will prepare a package of accompanying documentation. In accordance with the requirements of the current legislation, contracts, waybills, road bills, etc. are drawn up. several options for cargo delivery are offered so that the client chooses the most profitable delivery method for him.

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    The advantages of transportation by rail

    The choice of rail transportation is due to the following:

    1. Speed. Delivery is carried out as soon as possible, regardless of the length of the route.
    2. Reliability. This option is considered the safest in terms of accident rate. The goods in the wagons are reliably protected from adverse weather conditions.
    3. Price. Due to the cost-effectiveness of rail deliveries, the client pays only for his items.

    The railway network is well developed in many countries, including Ukraine, so you can send cargo anywhere in Asia.

    Range of services

    Transport company AF-Group provides a range of logistics services:

    1. drawing up drawings and schemes of loading cargo
    2. loading and unloading operations, for which special equipment is use
    3. we provide seals for wagons / containers
    4. paperwork for the transported cargo
    5. payment of payments that are required to send the goods
    6. informing the client about the date and time of cargo arrival
    7. legal support, legal support and much more.

    Advantages of rail freight with AF-Group

    The expediency of cooperation is due to the following advantages of the organization:

    1. Transportation of goods by rail is carried out by a high-speed freight train using the “Block-Train” technology
    2. The well-established work of the entire team allows you to quickly solve emerging problems, due to which the transportation of goods is carried out in the shortest possible time.
    3. An integrated approach. AF-Group specializes not only in international rail transportation. The company also provides related services, including the selection of shipping containers, customs clearance and much more. If necessary, we organize temporary storage of the cargo, its packing and packaging.
    4. Control over the execution of the order. By contacting AF-Group, you will be able to keep track of at what stage of transportation your cargo is.
    5. Cargo insurance. This is a mandatory procedure that protects the client from financial risks that are minimized when choosing a railroad transportation, but are not completely excluded.
    6. Your personal manager is available 24/7. And therefore I am ready to answer or advise on your questions at a convenient time for you.
    7. Fast feed. The company also has its own vehicle fleet. This allows you to organize the delivery of goods to the railway terminal or to your warehouse without unnecessary delays and downtime.
    8. Own car park eliminates downtime, optimizing delivery.

    To obtain more complete information on rail transportation, call the AF-Group company at the specified phone number. Also, you can order a call back by filling out the online form. In this case, the company’s employees will contact you as soon as possible and advise on transportation issues.

    Transportation of equipment from China

    Moving equipment from China and other countries is considered a complex operation requiring special preparation. This is due not only to the high cost of goods. Often, equipment is delivered as part of an indivisible module, which is important to place in such a way that the equipment is not damaged during transportation. It is necessary to control the delivery process, which can only be handled by specialists. Feel free to entrust this task to the employees of AF-Group.

    Features of equipment delivery

    The Ukrainian company AF-Group does not specialize in the transportation of various types of cargo, so you can safely order the import or export of equipment. The organization has established partnerships with transport companies in other countries. This allows us to guarantee the efficiency of transportation and the optimal cost of services. To calculate the exact price, consult with an employee of the company. It is influenced by various factors, such as the specificity of the product, its size, timing, etc.

    Purchasing equipment from a foreign manufacturer is a reasonable decision. Even taking into account the cost of transportation, you can save a lot. Frightening delivery and clearance won’t be a hassle. This issue will be dealt with by experienced managers of AF-Group.

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    Rail transportation

    Rail transportation is the most advantageous in terms of price and efficiency. The company carries out transportation both on domestic and international routes by freight and high-speed trains using block-train technology.

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    We have been cooperating with them for a long time. I am very grateful to AF for their professionalism and reliability.
    We have been entrusting our cargo to them for several years now
    If you value accuracy and punctuality, then I recommend this company, you will definitely appreciate the professionalism of the employees and the quality of their work.
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