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    Air transportation

    Delivery of cargo by air is not only safe, but also efficient.
    According to statistics, the risk of getting into a plane crash is much lower than that of running into trouble on the highway or railway.

    Air transport is capable of quickly covering long distances. Air transportation is specific, it imposes certain restrictions, so it is not always suitable. It is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of this option.

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    Features of delivery by air

    The advantages of air transportation include efficiency and safety. It is usually used for the transportation of goods with atypical parameters: for the transportation of medicines, expensive or dangerous goods, dimensions are of great importance. It is important to accurately calculate the weight and volume of products, make special fasteners, select containers and packaging.

    As a rule, there are no difficulties, except for the cost of delivery. The use of air transport is an expensive procedure, but it is advisable when the goods need to be brought in as soon as possible. This can be humanitarian aid, as well as goods that quickly lose their properties, etc. Animals are usually transported by air, since they can more easily endure the flight than the situation in the back of a truck or a railway carriage.

    Freight transportation in Ukraine with AF-Group

    AF-Group ensures the safety of every stage of cargo transportation. The best price offers await you here. The company cooperates with the best companies that own modern technology that can cope with various tasks. International air cargo transportation includes a range of services. They are often part of multimodal transportation. In addition to delivery to anywhere in the world, AF-Group deals with paperwork, insurance, forwarding and other services.

    Customers of the company receive the following:

    1. delivery of cargo to the airport and to the consignee’s warehouse
    2. preparation of the required package of documents
    3. storage of cargo at the terminal
    4. loading and unloading
    5. transportation as soon as possible.
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    Air transportation

    Direct service and warehouses in more than 100 countries around the world will reduce your costs, shorten delivery times and save your finances. We are ready to deliver any cargo and complete all the necessary documents. Delivery time on average varies from 5 to 7 days.

    I know that the guys can be trusted
    We have been cooperating with them for a long time. I am very grateful to AF for their professionalism and reliability.
    We have been entrusting our cargo to them for several years now
    If you value accuracy and punctuality, then I recommend this company, you will definitely appreciate the professionalism of the employees and the quality of their work.
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