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    Port forwarding

    Intra-port forwarding
    Intra-port forwarding means a set of works for the registration of containers in the port of the port. It is carried out 24/7 by a company authorized to provide such services.

    After the contract is concluded and signed between the customer and the freight forwarder “AF-Group”, the cooperation proceeds as follows:

    1. Receiving a power of attorney from the client, which indicates the container numbers.
    2. Appeal of the manager of the AF-Group company to the shipping line to declare himself as a forwarder for the incoming cargo of the customer.
    3. Delivery of originals of bill of lading in line or confirmation of telex release.
    4. Payment of local and port charges of the line, if they were not initially included in the cost of sea transportation.
    5. Receipt of releases for the removal of loaded containers and delivery of empty ones. Receiving PP / PD / EA from the client.
    6. Visa at customs
    7. Arrival of the car at the terminal for loading the container.
    8. Registration at the port and departure.

    In the AF-Group company you can order repacking, transit, removal, delivery of containers and much more.

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    Transit to Ukraine

    For the transit transportation of a container, the following is done:

    1. The company receives from the client the accompanying documents for the container and the goods. These include a packing list, invoice, certificates of conformity, etc.
    2. It is planned to transport for a certain date of export of the loaded container.
    3. A complete package of shipping documents is being prepared.
    4. A visit is made to receive a container for a specific vehicle.
    5. If the client needs it, the weighing of the cargo is organized at the terminal.
    6. An employee of “AF-Group” leaves for the port in order to instruct the driver and hand over the documents.
    7. A guarantor is ordered from the border of Ukraine to the place of customs clearance.
    8. The container is delivered to the customs post, where customs clearance is performed. Then he goes to the place of unloading.
    9. A visit is made for the delivery of the container to the port, its return is carried out.

    Repacking of transit containers with their subsequent shipment to Ukraine

    This process looks like this:

    1. The transit container is transported and unloaded to the terminal in the free zone of the port.
    2. Survey services are provided, weighing and marking are carried out.
    3. The storage of the cargo is organized until it is dispatched.
    4. Planned date of removal.
    5. Documentation is being prepared to accompany the goods.
    6. An employee of the company goes to the port to instruct the driver, clear the goods and hand over the documents.
    7. A guarantor is ordered from the border of Ukraine to the place of customs clearance.
    8. Containers are delivered to the customs post, where they are cleared and unloaded.

    Removal and delivery of imported containers

    In this case:

    1. On a certain date, it is planned to transport the loaded container.
    2. The company receives shipping documentation from the customer.
    3. An order is drawn up to receive the container at the terminal.
    4. Visiting the customs is carried out, the container goes through this form of customs control, if any.
    5. An employee of the company instructs the driver, transfers the necessary documentation.
    6. The container is delivered, unloading is performed and its return to the port is organized.

    Employees of the AF-Group company will help you with intra-port forwarding.

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    Intra-port forwarding from the AF-GROUP company

    Employees of AF-Group will help you with intra-port forwarding. In just a couple of years, from a small company, we have grown into a holding with offices in 4 cities of Ukraine, as well as entered new niches in the market for us. We work with the largest sea, rail, road, aviation and others in the world.

    I know that the guys can be trusted
    We have been cooperating with them for a long time. I am very grateful to AF for their professionalism and reliability.
    We have been entrusting our cargo to them for several years now
    If you value accuracy and punctuality, then I recommend this company, you will definitely appreciate the professionalism of the employees and the quality of their work.
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