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    Customs clearance

    Customs clearance
    Customs clearance of goods is an important part of international shipping.

    Codes of different countries with respect to design differ from each other in many respects. To bring a consignment of goods to Ukraine, you need certain knowledge and features of customs clearance of cargo. AF-Group employees are familiar with the intricacies of design between the CIS countries, Europe, Asia and the United States. As part of the carriage of goods in accordance with the current legislation, a package of documentation must be submitted to the customs authority. On the basis of this, a decision will be made on the possibility of importing the goods into the country, exporting it or transporting it in transit, which requires the need to arrange everything correctly.

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    Services of "AF-Group"

    The company’s employees are familiar with all kinds of customs clearance features. The correctness of this process determines how long it will take for customs clearance or customs clearance of the cargo.

    In “AF-Group” you can order:

    1. Insurance, TIR, CMR, CT 1, orders, letters and other documents to accompany the goods.
    2. Registration of transit transit, import and export procedures.
    3. Accompanying, representing the client’s interests at border crossings.
    4. Veterinary and sanitary inspection, execution of the relevant documentation.

    The transparency of the passage of state borders depends on how correctly the customs clearance of the cargo will be carried out.

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